Last Half Month

Posted on: Sep 08, 2020

Hello everyone.
How are you? We hope you are doing well in your life.
It seems that many of you start worrying about the site since we didn’t release any episode the last half month. Some of you continued supporting us morally or financially during this period. Thank you very much for that.
During this period, we stopped to fix many problems that occurred while upgrading the servers’ system. To be honest with you, we didn’t except these problems. And to prevent them from occurring again in the future, we had to change a lot of things which took a lot of efforts and time since we know that these problems will happen in the future. Right now, the servers’ performance is better than before.
Did we really stopped to make the performance better and fix errors only? No
The servers were very heavy, and we couldn’t even enter them. If this continues, the Hard Drives will be corrupted. The scripts and Bots that people start using them on the DDL are working non-stop which made the servers so much heavy and many of you noticed that. This is one of the important reasons that made us decide to use PHP script with a customize system on DDL section which will allow us to control the overload on Hard Drives. With a new script and system, it is impossible to not get a lot of problems. So far, we have fixed most of them, but we expect that there will be more errors in the future.

DDL Changes:

The system of the DDL is same as before, but the download speed has changed.
For users without account, the speed limit is 2.5mb/s and the wait is 10s.
For users with account, the speed limit is 2.5mb/s and the wait is 5s.
For donators, there is no limit and instant. (Please send us your Username once you register in the DDL site via Discord).
For donators who donate for one time only, your account will return to normal account after a period.
Note: Batch section, will be disabled for a little longer, so please be patient until we make it ready again.

Subs Changes:

The Sign In page has been removed because many people didn’t see Public DDL in the past.
This is to make the Subs section comfortable to everyone.
Please note that we are always looking for better solutions that can keep the site working and to backup the work that has been done during the last three years.
We are almost ready to release again.
Thank you guys for staying and waiting our releases.
Thank you for asking about the site situation.
Thank you for everything.
Note: if you see any problems, please tell us on Discord.